Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bliss and Irish music

I've been thinking of creating a blog like this for some time, and finally had the gumption to do it. And now, this is the first post.

I met the Chieftains tonight! I bought the tickets to see them months in advance, which was good because they were completely sold out. Even in my little town there are quite a few "Irish music fans." I had really hoped to meet Matt Molloy, their flute player, and get him to sign a CD I have of him. My chances looked slim until intermission, when the chair of the music department handed me a pass to the exclusive after-concert reception! I went and hobnobbed with the bigwigs, drinking Guinness while meeting all the musicians (the four Chieftains, and several others they brought with them). I did indeed get Molloy's autograph and was also able to talk to him and the others in a somewhat intellectual way, since I knew a lot more about Irish music than most of the other people in the room. It was completely thrilling, a once in a lifetime type of thing.

I plan to start posting pictures of my knitting (FOs and WIPs) tomorrow. I'm also excited to receive my Sockapaloooza match on Wednesday. Joining that knitalong was part of my impetus to actually start the blog, even if no one reads it. I will have fun documenting my own progress and it will be useful to have a handy reference for my own work.


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