Thursday, February 02, 2006

Purple Peek

Here is a sneak peek at my completed Flower Basket the needles on Tuesday, January 31. She gets blocked tomorrow and worn on Sunday, hopefully! She is shown here on one of the opulent red chairs of the music education building.

Today smelled like spring, and I was inspired to seriously consider doing Clapotis at last. I know, I'm about two years behind the times, but I think I may finally be able to afford it (though not in Lion and Lamb, unfortunately). I want to do it in a springy colorway, so I have something soft to cuddle in and shield me from the wind we get here.

I really need to find something more original to knit! However, part of what gets me excited about a pattern is seeing all the different renditions on people's blogs, and knowing there are plenty of places to get help from. I don't mind following trends so much because I am knitting for me, and what counts is that I get something I'm pleased with.


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