Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Sojourn in Ashland

Warning, this post is full of pictures!

I took two trips over Spring Break, which was unusual for me. The first trip was obligatory and involved a fourteen hour bus ride to and from Reno, Nevada, that I would rather forget. The second was a lot more fun and exciting in many ways! My mom and I went down to Ashland, Oregon to see the place and check out the midwifery school there that I will be applying to.

The downtown area is rather touristy, with a lot of cute restaurants and expensive boutiques with artsy products. Rather our sort of thing!

The town's main attraction is the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It features three theaters, including a replica of the Globe, and runs several Shakespearean and modern plays throughout its season. Some of the costumes were displayed in a window, and this was my favorite one:

Naturally we spent quite some time at the local yarn shop, Web-sters, which also had spinning and weaving supplies, and a lot of wearable art. Check out their shop window!

Another feature of the town is the huge, 90+acre Lithia Park. We spent some time there, enjoying the creek and a pond with ducks and a blue heron.

We also saw the famous Lithia water, which comes from a spring is very rich in minerals. Notice the rusty deposits under the stream of water!

On the drive down, we kept seeing a lot of sheep and sheep pastures, which were quite picturesque. So on the way back, I attempted to get some pictures from the moving car. I liked this one the best, as the sheep were lying down for a nap.

I loved the trip and hope to be living in that beautiful town sometime in the near future!


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